What is ONE Installer?

The ONE Installer is an  automated script to install software/packages for Ubuntu 14. My self wrote this automated script in Python 2.7. The reason is simple, every time I install Ubuntu OS, I need some packages/software to be installed. You knew some are pretty simple like “apt-get install curl”, but some packages/software needs some other additional tweaking like for “Eclipse” we need to create “eclipse.desktop” with some entry in “/usr/share/application”(You can see the steps in this blog). So, it is little bit pain full to do this every time. This automated script will install packages one by one and configures the software.

Right now ONE Installer can install following packages

  1. Eclipse Neon + Configuration
  2. Docker
  3. Grub Customizer
  4. Wireshark + Configuration (Restart required!)
  5. Atom Editor
  6. Miscellaneous
    1. supervisord
    2. conntrack
    3. pip and pip3
    4. Filezilla
    5. bridge-utils
    6. python-dev
    7. pinta
    8. tree
    9. Nmap
    10. Curl
    11. Wipe & Secure Delete
    12. VLC media player
    13. screen (Check screen command cheat sheet here)
    14. aircrack
    15. chroot
    16. scapy
    17. ethtool
    18. traceroute
  7. Update & Upgrade

Bitbucker Repo Link


Want to try ONE Installer? Run below command

Git Branch: ‘master’ (For Public)

wget -q -O oneInstaller.py https://goo.gl/ZcideY && sudo python oneInstaller.py

My Branch

wget -q -O oneInstaller.py https://goo.gl/YTeZaS && sudo python oneInstaller.py

2 thoughts on “What is ONE Installer?

  1. Thanks!,,now it is so easy to install any software with single command..could you please add more software’s /packages like tor, vmware…..

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