How to create HTTPS proxy in apache

Some times you might need https to securely send data to an API(Or access website), but the API might not officially support https or it could be some other reasons will  stick to HTTP which is insecure. I also encountered similar situation, I used TSDB to store time series date, but the TSDB supports only http , but not https. So, I decided to put a HTTPS proxy in front of original API. Since I don’t have much knowledge on apache, after a long Internet search, I finally found the solution and I just want to share

The Scenario


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GNU screen commands(Cheat Sheet)

GNU Screen is a terminal multiplexer, a software application that can be used to multiplex several virtual consoles, allowing a user to access multiple separate login sessions inside a single terminal window, or detach and reattach sessions from a terminal. It is useful for dealing with multiple programs from a command line interface, and for separating programs from the session of the Unix shell that started the program, particularly so a remote process continues running even when the user is disconnected. [more]


  • sudo apt-get install screen -y

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